Original 1906
2010 Before Restoration
2012 Finished Restoration



Building History

The building was constructed circa 1906. By the Schilansky and Rubenstein Families. They where two of the first Jewish families to settle in Thomas. Barney Schilansky immigrated to the United States from Russia with his wife Sarah and traveled throughout the East Coast as a peddler before deciding to make Thomas his Home in 1886. Victor Rubenstein had emigrated from Lithuania and marred Sarah Schilansky sister Annie. The Rubenstein’s joined the Schilanskys in Thomas in 1894. The Families operated businesses (Saloon, Dress shop, Butcher shop, Groc store) in the storefronts on the first floor and lived above in the large Multi-room apartments.


David Downs purchased the building in 2010, which was in desperate need of restoration. The project was completed in 2012. The vision was to preserve the architectural integrity of the historic building. With the restorations David completed on other buildings in town he felt historical preservation would aid in local economic and community revitalization, increase tourism, employment, and preserve regional history, culture, and pride!

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